OVERVIEW ¦ VA’s: Admin/Customer/Personal Support ¦ CRM/ERP Systems Configuration ¦ Content Writing & Editing ¦ Graphic & Logo Design ¦ Online Marketing & Lead Generation ¦ Web Design & Ongoing Maintenance




How Do We Work With You?


Our team of vStaffers works remotely from our offices using all the latest technology available.   Experienced with a variety of specialized CRM and project management services,  we collaborate to complete tasks and projects – on time and budget.  The simplest app you will have heard of is Skype!  Many people don’t know this but not only can it call phones worldwide with a paid subscription, it has good file sharing & screen sharing capabilities, making it easy to use in work meetings. We have many other tricks up our sleeve!


Hiring a vStaffer enables business owners to free themselves from the administrative burdens of their business. We have strategies to ensure the relationship with your virtual staffer is maintained at a high level. We provide a wide range of high caliber phone & administrative services so that you can have the time to focus on growing your business. To help you to better understand the scope of tasks you are looking for, we have classified some of the tasks below:


  • Web Design & Development
  • Graphic & Logo Design
  • Admin Support & Customer Support
  • CRM/ERP Systems Configuration
  • Content Writing & Editing
  • Personal VA (Virtual Assistant)