Web Design & Ongoing Maintenance Services


We all know how important a website is to our business and how a snappy, cool-looking site can give us a competitive edge if it is well-designed and well-maintained.   The latter is especially important.   We see well-designed websites every day that are full of stale content.  For example, when a visitor clicks on many sites’ blogs, calendars, events, etc., old & stale content is obvious and does not encourage any further visitor participation.    We don’t just provide web-design services and then leave.  Our pricing for ongoing support is so reasonable and these services are so essential that it’s a rare client who would not benefit from them.    With a team of experienced web designers to build the sites and also a team of social media people to maintain the sites afterward,  we provide services to small and mid-sized companies with turnkey solutions for all sizes of website projects.


Some of the website programming services that we provide:


A wide variety of website styles and types, and underlying programming (php, html5, Joomla, asp.net & more)  are available.  The most cost-effective solution for the majority of businesses involves customizing professionally-written “themes” and installing specialized plugins for the services you need,  such as online payment and eCommerce solutions.   And never forget the firewalls and security plugins that are often omitted by cut-rate competitors.    Even with full protection and sophisticated services, we can do websites for $1,000 that used to cost $75,000 in the old days.  Seriously.   We have a lot of experience in real estate-related sites.   e.g. Our recently-designed site MySurreyLiving.com has the IDX plugins to access the MLS listings.


Some of the ongoing website maintenance services that we provide:


  • Site Hosting & Maintenance of Email, Firewalls and security updating of all themes and plugins.  Our constant day-to-day monitoring of security warnings and threat alerts, as we do for our maintained sites, makes us very aware of the elevated threat environment we’re in.  Even “under construction” sites can receive hundreds of hack attacks and probes daily!  We can track where these attacks come from and block them.   Fun Fact:  Did you know that the infamous Panama Leaks scandal was caused by a large law firm who did not regularly update their plugins?  This exposed them to a well-known exploit which hackers used to spread confidential client information worldwide.  Don’t let your company be the next “Mossack Fonseca”!  We take security seriously at vStaffers.  


  • Social Media Expertise;  posting of blog content to your website, Twitter, Facebook and other social media pages.   This is necessary to keep your site and your image fresh and build traffic. We do research on the subject of your website and find relevant and useful info to post for your clients.   For more info, please click Online Promotion.


  • SEO (search engine optimization)   This kind of work is very time-consuming and thus is not cheap but it’s worth if it you want your website to rank highly on Google and other search engines.  The gold standard is when a search for services in your local area shows your company in the the first page of results.  This directly translates into profits and sales.   We can do this for you.   It takes six months on average to show results.  Just so you know.


  • Back Office Support Services to complement your operation.  We have virtual staffers available to field your phone calls, pre-qualifying leads, doing market research or any other task that you or your people do regularly in an office environment.   Rather than a large call center staffed by heavily-accented and not-too-bright folks, as is all-too-common, our version of phone support works like this:  we obtain local phone numbers and use software to field these local calls on our computers and even our own Android phones (so that we can have extended service hours.)  We pass call-taking responsibility from one specific vStaffer to another.  These are intelligent, educated people with moderate accents in English.  Depending on call volume and required skill level, we can do quality phone support for US$10/day and up.  For more info, click Admin/Customer Support.