VA’s: Admin/Customer/Personal Support


OK, what’s a “VA”?  A VA or Virtual Assistant works in a growing field that relies on the internet to connect businesses & people for increased productivity. Because many parts of the world have much lower costs than in North America, it is very competitive to have outsourced workers doing tasks that can be done at home with a PC & internet.  However, how do you find such people and ensure they’re honest, capable and properly trained?  That’s where we come in.   It’s our business to hire and train qualified workers to meet your needs.   We start VA’s on easy tasks and gradually move them to areas of higher and higher responsibility and pay.  Some positions are temporary, some permanent. Hours vary from PT to FT.  Naturally, the most reliable and efficient contract workers get moved to permanent status whenever possible.  Some people are naturally good with people.. we put them on phones dealing with customers.  Others are naturally good at high-tech.. we get them to maintain your social media needs, etc.   VA services can be broken down into two basic categories,  Business and Personal..




An Administrative VA from vStaffers will be as qualified as an employee working in your office and can provide personalized service to clients at a lower cost. We provide complete customer support and administration support services. By outsourcing, you don’t just save on employee costs but also on hardware and other technology costs and office space. Using the latest collaboration hardware and software, we offer complete back office solutions.


Examples of the work Business VA’s do: answering phones and pre-qualifying clients; doing copy-writing and internet research,  finding content for blogs; doing administrative assistant tasks and secretarial work; processing orders and managing customer relations at an eCommerce store;  





Personal VA‘s work like the personal assistants to movie stars, business moguls and busy, important people.  Not a movie star?  Don’t worry, we’re so competitive that if you have a good job but you’re too busy to enjoy your life, you can afford a Personal VA to organize your “To Do” list, make calls on your behalf and generally make life easier, if not save your life!  (We’re talking about reminding you of your anniversary or wife’s birthday and arranging a bouquet to be delivered. :))    Or maybe you have many talents but being organized and managing your time isn’t one of them. A Personal VA can be invaluable for time and activity management because we use specialized software and skills to track these things.


Senior VA‘s are a new department we’ve recently created in order to help seniors remember their appointments and medications, provide companionship and safety monitoring for the seniors’ benefit and also to easy the worries of their adult children who may be too busy to visit daily or be in a different city.   We also have arranged for local, caring people to make home visits to your aging parents.  Don’t worry about your senior Mom and/or Dad..  call vStaffers and take action now.